Dolpak has been providing proven solutions to the Polish market for over ten years to support companies from all over the country. We currently recommend high-quality coated paper which is used in the food, technical, automotive, textile, chemical, cosmetic and other industries.

We offer, among others, siliconized paper, which is used to protect the adhesive surface or during baking. Owing to the devices in our factory, it is possible to make special holes inside the sheet for applying a spacer to the paper core.

The assortment also includes anti-slip solutions, useful when stacking many boxes, as well as variants which stand out with properties such as resistance to fat (fat-tight), water (anti-corrosive), grease (paraffined).

Apart from coated materials such as siliconized or anti-corrosive models, we also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of paper spacers of corrugated texture, for example.


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