Fastening tapes

Fastening tapes

Fastening tapes are a practical tool for securing all kinds of loads during transport and storage.

Owing to specially selected fastening devices or hand binding, they fit precisely to the shapes of goods, protecting them from damage.

WG tapes

WG tape is used for securing heavy loads and pallets. Its biggest advantages are: high strength, durability and maintaining a constant tension for a long time. WG tapes are available in two types – standard and reinforced.

Woven tapes

Woven polyester tapes are designed for banding heavy and very heavy loads. Woven tapes are made of polyester yarn, which is laid longitudinally and transversely, increasing their strength and flexibility. An additional advantage of woven tapes is their high resistance to abrasion at the edges.

  The range of tapes we offer has been divided due to their use:

  • light: 5-8 mm
  • medium: 9-12 mm
  • heavy: 16-19 mm

Light: Tapes with a width of 5-8 mm (strength from 53 to 105 daN) are used to fasten goods with low weight: letters, newspapers, banknotes, documents. They are used, among others, in printing houses, paper mills or post offices.

Medium: PP tapes with a width of 9-12 mm are used for manual and machine strapping. They are perfect for use in automated production lines for wrapping packages.

Heavy: Tapes with a width of 16-19 mm, strength up to 405 daN, it is recommended to secure pallets during transport. Tapes in this group are mainly used in sawmills, ceramic companies, brickyards and by other producers of building and industrial materials to fasten heavy loads.

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