Paraffined paper

Paraffined paper

technical: it has fat, water and grease resistant properties which ensures its wide application in many branches of production. Owing to its excellent protective and anti-corrosive properties, it is a multi-branch product. It is used in packages, among others:

  • ensures water resistance when packing products containing greases or fats
  • as a spacer for ceramic products (roof tiles, tiles, terracotta),
  • as protection for electric wires,
  • as a lining for electric batteries.

Various paper weights from 40 g/m2 to 300 g/m2 are available. We prepare paper both in sheets and rolls – according to the client's wishes. Maximum paper width on roll is 145 cm.
foodstuff paper: (greaseproof) impregnated with food paraffin. It is impermeable to fat and plasma. Perfectly suited for packaging:

  • cured meats,
  • confectionery products,
  • smoked fish.

It comes in various weights 50-90 g and in any forms: both on the sheet and on the roll.

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